Olivier 'reivilibre'

Hi, I'm Olivier and I go by the name of 'reivilibre'.

I'm a libre (freedom-respecting) software enthusiast and I dabble in a bit of electronics.

I like creating things and self-hosting things!

I expect I will publish a lot of posts on this blog that don't necessarily follow a single theme, but hopefully most should be interesting!

I will also publish solution notes for problems that I've ran into and have managed to overcome — see the 'micro-solutions' section for that.

If you have any comments about this site, please feel free to get in touch; I'd love to hear from you!


Recent blog posts

My First Ludum Dare Game: Olive Harvest in Ludum Dare 52

I finally rose to the challenge and wrote a game for Ludum Dare. Read more…

QuickPeep: My work-in-progress small-scale web search engine

I started making a small-scale web search engine that focusses on small-scale, interesting sites. Read more…

Forgot10: My application for note-taking and general information tracking

I've been working on some glorified note-taking software, with 'offline-first' support and peer-to-peer collaborative editing. Read more…

An analogy between Rust's closures and structs

Understanding how Rust's closures work and correspond to structs + traits may give some intuition. Read more…

RSVR: Experimental Virtual Reality in Rust

I attempted to make a proof-of-concept, toy VR system with Rust. Read more…